What Is It Like To Live With Bipolar Disorder?

An ongoing battle.

A fight against oneself.

Never knowing what the next day will bring

Or even the next moment.

From feelings of happiness, full of optimism, and that nothing can hurt me.

To agitation, a grim sadness, and overpowering despair.

It’s as if you’re feeling on top of the world, extremely creative and productive.

Ideas and thoughts racing at the speed of light.

Life has never been better.

Then suddenly, those grandiose feelings turn sour.

Nothing feels right or worth it anymore.

Hating myself, my life, and everything in it.

Feeling hopeless, unmotivated, and wanting to end it all.

Swinging from one extreme to the next with a touch of normality now and then.

Left to wonder when I’ll finally feel well again…

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