“I Have A Mental Illness. Does This Make Me A Bad Person?”

The answer is no. Mental illness does not define who a person is and it is not fair to think you or anyone struggling is a “bad” person for it. Like I have said before, the stigma attached to mental illness is unfair and I believe everyone should become more aware and be more open-minded about it. No one can choose what they are born with or how their brain functions. Sadly, I have seen that there is more ignorance than understanding when it comes to these topics.

The majority of people who become diagnosed with a mental illness think they are an inadequate person or the parents may think “What did I do wrong?” or “What am I doing wrong?”

No one is doing anything wrong and no one is in the wrong. No one would choose to struggle.

Something to think about:

If someone mentions they have diabetes, heart disease, or epilepsy etc, are you understanding of their illness and support them or do you step aside? Mental illness is considered along the same lines as a physical illness and must be treated as one as well. It isn’t just an emotional or behavioral trait. It’s a brain disorder.  It isn’t really all that different from a physical illness because it can affect physical functioning as well, but the stigma causes mental illness to be viewed in a negative light and it is constantly misunderstood. Living with a mental illness does not make you a bad person.

An example:

In the times when my moods and emotions are out of control, I honestly just want support and understanding to get me through. I personally never try to do anything or act a certain way on purpose. Sometimes there are some dramatic features and symptoms, but this does not make me a bad person. In times like these, I feel scared and frustrated and I worry I’ll lose control. Sometimes I do actually lose control and fall apart because it becomes too much to keep festered up inside. Most times I don’t want to go through those days or moments alone and I shouldn’t have to.

It’s honestly a scary feeling and I can bet people who struggle with other physical illnesses etc. feel scared when their illness is suddenly out of control too.

Please be open-minded and show some love because ignorance truly hurts. Everyone deserves to feel accepted and loved.

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  1. Never a bad anything it makes you an interesting and extremely strong individual x

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