About the Writer

Wife. Mother. Writer. Dedicated Mental Health Advocate.

Kait grew up in Illinois with her loving and supportive parents and an older brother whom she greatly admires. She currently resides in the west Chicago Suburbs with the love of her life, their three daughters, and three cats. After experiencing and struggling with her own ups and downs, she found some relief and hope through writing. In her early teens, she began writing a few screenplays. She enjoyed writing screenplays about social issues such as fitting in at school, bullying, identity issues, friendship, and love. The most interesting thing about her screenplays, or any of her works for that matter, is that she could strongly relate to the material because those issues had affected her or someone she truly cared about in her life. She has never been afraid to open her heart to others and that definitely may contribute to her heart-felt talent. By her mid-teens, she had been through quite a bit by then. Disaster after disaster, she was unsure when she’d ever feel hope again. During the times of despair, she felt inspired to write again and began writing poetry. She would write poetically and personally about the people she cared about in her life, the issues she was facing, the feelings she felt, the experiences she was going through, and the things that she simply did not understand. It wasn’t until February 2011 when she decided that she could use all the knowledge she gained from her experiences to share with others and help to educate them as well. She truly enjoys helping people and would love more than anything to make a difference especially when it comes to mental health and the stigma.


  1. Nice to meet you Kait! Isn’t writing great? It’s definitely one of my go to activities to get through tough times, and it’s how I communicate best!

    • Writing is wonderful! I also communicate best that way. It’s so nice to meet you too. I appreciate you stopping by and for your comment 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences. Many of the things you write about resonate with me.

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