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This site was created to provide hope, support, and insight to those who are affected by mental illness and for their caregivers and loved ones as well.

“There is still hope for a more joyous and stronger future. Keep weathering the storm, push through the strength of the tides, take your time, relax, and breathe. Don’t let the strong winds knock you down. Get up, fight, and try again. You are strong enough. Keep pressing on, embrace the moment, and never give up. Life is a beautiful journey. In time, you will see. ”

Living with a mental illness can make it seem as though life is impossible, unfair, or feel as though one’s life has been completely taken away from them at times. One also may feel like they can never win over their illness or even begin to know what feels real to them anymore. These are normal feelings to experience when living with a mental illness such as bipolar disorder.

Not one person will experience mental illness in the same way as another person will. Everyone who lives with a mental health condition has their own set of symptoms, triggers, and will even react very differently to medications than others might. This makes sense because everybody in this world is different. We are all wired and put together in our own, unique ways. We all deal with symptoms of depression, stress, anxiety, and mania differently. With having a diagnosis that is similar to others such as bipolar or depression, we will most certainly still have similar feelings, symptoms, and struggles as others, but nothing is ever exact.

I have personally lived with mental illness my whole life and was first diagnosed at the young age of twelve. Over time, I began to accept the diagnosis of bipolar. It wasn’t until early 2011 that I had decided to help others who also struggle with mental illnesses by providing them with knowledge, support, and hope that I had discovered in myself over the years.

Acceptance is the very first step to recover from any problem. I spent many years in therapy and with my psychiatrist gaining more knowledge of the disorder and finding treatment options. I learned many coping methods and how to communicate openly about my feelings and illness. I found that when I had talked with my therapists over the years, I started to better understand myself and what I was going through. It has given me great comfort just knowing and having that reassurance that the feelings that I had been feeling are normal. It is important for those with mental illness to keep communication open at all times. Communication is a much-needed and very helpful skill to have if they want to successfully gain control over their illness. It is crucial that the person struggling with the illness is able to open up to someone whom they can trust when they have noticed sudden changes in their moods. I would also recommend to caregivers to approach and check in on their loved ones every so often and ask questions such as (but not limited to) “How are you feeling today?” “Can I help you with something?” or “Let’s talk about it.” Sometimes just being there and providing support for someone who is struggling can instantly change how they feel. The caregivers and the loved ones of a bipolar patient can make a great difference too. With every little bit of help, the journey to stability can become even more possible!

Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels

Always remember: You are never alone. We are all in this together to fight, survive, and conquer mental illness. We have the power to be our best selves and to begin to view the world differently and more positively than ever before. We are also here to fight the stigma that is attached to mental illness and show those who hold the judgments so closely that we are people too and that we have just as much potential as anyone else. We all deserve a chance at equality and happiness. We are stronger than the stigma!

Keep weathering the storm. Keep pushing forward and hold on for that chance for a much better tomorrow. You deserve it and you can do it!

“There is no shame in being open and honest about illnesses that affect millions of everyday people. Everyone has a certain degree of mental illness, but those who are dismissive would rather judge or question those who have chosen to openly share about their illness.”

Note: This site was not set up by a licensed professional in any way. I am just a fellow survivor and stigma fighter who believes that we all have the potential to gain control over our illnesses and win the battle.



  1. Thank you for this. Beautifully written. ?✌

  2. Dealing with mental health issues. Step 1. Talk about it. Which you are Kait

  3. That was beautiful Kait!

  4. I had a hard time accepting it and reading stories about life with bipolar is what has helped me not only accept it but given me to the courage to share as well. Thanks for sharing your journey!

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